Indiana Jones…what a letdown.

I was so excited to see Indiana Jones that I went on the opening day. Which was an error. To be honest, the first 20 minutes were so-so. When Indy is thrown out of a clapped out car, the shot pans to his shadow as you see him reach for his iconic hat, whilst the classic theme tune plays quietly in the background. That was probably my favourite part of the film. What follows are tedious action scenes, jokes which make you want to cry for all the wrong reasons and the most ridculous plot to be conceived since the dawn of mankind. If you do fancy some entertainment, I recommend checking out this DJ Yoda movie, which is a set he did using his DVD decks. Also check out my mates band, their new EP is rather good! In other news, Gizmodo made this pretty cool gallery of CIA spy cameras, head here. Also an interesting blog entry here asking whether anything will ever beat the iPod. Even I would have to admit that its monopoly in the MP3 player market is scarily astonishing. Finally, here’s a video my craaazy university mates made. More to come I hope!

PS. I know the picture is completely unrelated, but it’s my mate Chris dressed as a clown. I think the look on his face is CLASSIC. He kind of looks disappointed, so maybe it is related. Actually, a clown is what I felt like spending £5 to sit through Indiana Jones, so it’s DEFINITELY related.

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