New iPod Shuffle

Apple have quietly released a new iPod Shuffle today, which controversially moves the main controls to the headphone cord. This obviously restricts you to using the supplied earphones, which famously provide shabby sound quality. Furthermore, iPod Shuffles are traditionally used for sporting activities – the new design will undoubtedly result in ululate cries from runners around the world. However, the new clip is noticeably bigger which should mean it’s more secure and any serious runner would be using a Nano or iPod Touch together with Nike Plus. The new Shuffle also sees the introduction of ‘VoiceOver’ technology; with the press of a button, the iPod will tell you the name of the song you are listening too as well as the artist…check the video here.

Also worth noting is that Spotify may soon be coming to the iPhone in the form of a mobile app. It has not been confirmed whether Apple will give it the go ahead due to the obvious consequences it could have for iTunes sales. Check the video below to see it in action.

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