iPhone 3.0

Had a SMASHING St. Patrick’s day in Dublin…however I missed the announcement of new iPhone software…THE HORROR THE HORROR! To summarise, when updated this Summer, the iPhone will include these ‘new’ features;

MMS – You will now finally be able to send picture messages – what breakthrough from Cupertino.

Voice Memo – You will also be able to record voice memos with a new app going under the same name; you can then send these as you would an MMS.

COPY AND PASTE – You will finally be able to copy and paste text and images, as well as pasting into different applications. This should have been included since launch.

3G tethering – Plug your iPhone into a laptop and use it as a 3G modem for mobile internet on the big screen. Useful if you have a netbook, but O2 are yet to announce the inevitable extra charges.

Spotlight – As in Mac OSX, you will be able to search through your entire iPhone, including e-mail, texts, music, photos etc. by clicking on the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner.

Stereo Bluetooth – Pretty self-explanatory…see picture.

Arguably most of these pictures are not revolutionary; head here for a more in-depth list. Also check the video below to see the changes in action.


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