iPhone 3GS

Bit behind with the news, but PARTYING has been going down following exams. Anyway, Apple launched their iPhone 3GS this week, with the ‘S’ standing for Speed. Aside from the predictable memory upgrade up to a maximum capacity of 32GB, the new version is set apart by four other key features;

  • Camera – The measly 2MP camera currently on offer has been bumped up to 3MP and also now includes auto-focus. This is hardly a groud breaking revolution in image capturing on mobile devices, but the implementation is typically intuitive.
  • Video – Apple has FINALLY introduced video capture to the iPhone, along with the ability to edit on the go.
  • Digital Compass – One of my main gripes with the iPhone is that when using it for directions, especially whilst walking, it can sometimes be a pain to orientate yourself as the phone doesn’t know which direction you are facing…not anymore. The introduction of an accurate compass will also undoubtedly open the doors for third-party sat-nav apps.
  • Voice Control – Hardly a big deal.

Aside from the hardware upgrades, a software update will be released which will also be available to current iPhone users which includes the introduction of Copy and Paste, MMS and a landscape keyboard.

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