The Dice Man

Whilst on holiday recently in Spain, I finally got around to reading The Dice Man. It is written by George Cockcroft who goes by the alias Luke Rhinehart and tells the story of a man who rather spontaneously begins to live his life by chance. One gripe I have with the book and which bugged me throughout reading it, is the fact that the options assigned to each possible number that could be rolled are determined by the person rolling the die. I found it to be an enjoyable read and was surprised to find that it was published in the 70s and is something of a cult classic; it was banned in a number of countries upon its release due to the somewhat graphic content which arises as a result of some rather dubious die choices. I’m not sure whether the book has been used as the basis to an entire cult. Throughout the text, their were often rambling chapters which seemed to serve no purpose other than to preach the benefits of living a dice life, which led me to question the real existence of a cult of people living by the die.

Rating: 3/5
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