iPod Nano 5G

Apple today announced their 5th version of their most popular iPod; the Nano. Although the exterior dimensions remain virtually the same to the 4G Nano, the insides have been drastically overhauled. Memory options are now limited to 8GB and 16GB.

Video Camera
Apple have decided that the YouTube and Facebook generation should be bestowed with another miniature camera to carry around and record their chums capers. The camera is rather awkwardly placed on the bottom corner of the device and will only take video – no stills. This is most likely due to the fact it is only a VGA camera (640×480). However, it will records at 30 fps and records audio in AAC. Apple have implemented it with typical panache, allowing painless uploads to Facebook/YouTube and allows squeezing in some basic video editing/effects software.

Apple have also included a pedometer into the Nano, probably to try and encourage a new batch of people to start using their Nike+ service, which previously required the use of a sensor attached to your shoe.
FM Radio…and LIVE PAUSE!

Apple has finally succumbed to the demand for an FM radio to be bundled with the iPod, a feature which is present on nearly every other MP3 player. Their patience would appear to have paid off though; if you like the song you’re listening to, hit tag and your iPod will tell you what you’re listening to and save if for your to purchase later when you’re in iTunes. You can also ‘pause’ the radio, in the same way that Sky+ works. Once you’ve tuned in, it will also allow you to rewind up the previous 15 minutes that you have listened to. It’s pretty cool, but it’s unclear why it’s not available on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
Apple also updated their iPod Touch, Classic and Shuffle today as well as releasing iTunes 9 and iPhone software 3.1. However, I have yet to start packing for Bestival and I leave TOMORROW. So TTFN.
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  1. Pooja says:

    I am impressed by the sleek design and the variety of colors. Apple is growing more by the launch of new iPhones, ipods, etc. There is a camera installed at the back but the picture quality is not very satisfying. FM Radio feature is also not great. Now lets come to the main highlights, the excellent mp3 player. The sound quality is awesome. People will surely enjoy music and go crazy. For more details refer apple ipod nano

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