Apple finally brings out a new mouse…the Magic Mouse.

Apologies for a lack of blog updating in the last week or so; I’ve been busy with a new job. Of course, this didn’t mean that Apple’s recent product revisions passed me by. As well as bumping up the performance of the Mac Mini and repackaging the basic Macbook, Cupertino also unveiled new iMacs, which utilise the (no pun intended) i-Series of Intel chips. Although I like to think I know what’s going on with computer processors, I’ve been slightly confused ever since they dropped Pentium. Check out Gizmodo’s article here if you want it all cleared up.

Anyway, the most exciting product update for me has to be the Magic Mouse. The scrolling ‘nipple’ on my Mighty Mouse has been playing up for months now, so I think I’ll definitely invest in the new mouse, which utilises Apple’s patented multitouch technology. Check out the video of it below.
NB. Talking of multitouch, Nokia seem to feel that Apple have been poaching their IP; read up here.
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