The Nexus One by Google

I know that I should have covered the unveiling of Google’s answer to the iPhone a couple of weeks ago, but heyho. The Nexus One, built by HTC, is a real treat. Although not quite achieving the simplistic beauty of the iPhone, the Nexus One (I also think the name could have been snappier) boasts a 5MP camera, a faster processor than most and an impressive 512RAM. Nothing exciting to report there. It’s REAL USP is it’s screen. It has a touch-sensitive AMOLED, which pumps out a 800×480 resolution. Although I haven’t experienced it myself, critics are drooling, claiming it makes Sony’s old Bravia adverts look like a scene from The Road. Yes, people will moan that they’ve left it too late to tackle the behemoth that is Apple’s app store…but wouldn’t you rather have a handful of perfectly crafted free apps from Google, than a sea of dross?
The Nexus One can be bought directly from Google, but will be available on Vodafone imminently.
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