Wired on an iPad

Wired have recently released footage of the first glimpse of what might be possible on the next generation of e-readers (not necessarily the iPad). Using a program called AIR made by Adobe and to be included with CS5, this video shows how breathtaking journalism may become if e-readers become the norm. I was particularly impressed with the format of the adverts in the ‘e-zine’. Instead of being small snippets of video, which is the norm one sees whilst currently surfing the web, Wired have highlighted how the unique interactivity of touch screen interfaces allow for a distinct form of advertisement. Rather than looking brash, the interactivity is understated; at a glance the ad could easily be in a print magazine. The car ad, for example, is nothing ground breaking in terms of presentation, meaning the ability to spin the car around with your finger looks incredibly intuitive.

Despite having a bit of an iRant last week, I do think e-readers offer a beacon of hope to the dying journalism industry. Waking up, switching on your piece of e-paper and having all your favourite magazines/newspapers at your disposal would be awesome. Especially if it were as well executed as this.
N.B. Scott really needs a LARGE dose of enthusiasm. I’ve never heard such a depressing mono-tone voice.
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