Topsy…a search engine powered by Tweets

Topsy appears to be one of the first real advantages to come out of the plethora of people who are now tweeting ad nausem. I’m no expert on search optimization, so here is a simple explanation of how Topsy works…

Topsy is a new kind of search engine, with a new way of looking at the Internet. Topsy doesn’t think the Internet is a collection of documents. Or even a web of documents. Topsy sees the Internet as a stream of conversations. Topsy treats people differently from the webpages they create and the things they say. And Topsy sees that people in every community are connected in a web of relationships, where each person influences other people to read, talk and think about things.

When you search for something on Topsy, such as “free music”, it finds snippets of conversations that match what you’re looking for. Topsy results are the things people link to, when they’re talking about your search terms. Topsy ranks results based on how well they match your search terms, and the influence of the people talking about them.

Because of how Topsy works, Topsy can do things other search engines don’t usually do. Topsy results are fresh, because they’re based on what you’re talking about right now. Or this week. Or the past month. Topsy has “trackback” pages for everything in its index, showing what everyone is saying about that thing. Conversations are about people, and Topsy has pages for every person it listens to – listing the things you’ve been talking about.

Give it a go yourself…head to
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