iPhone 4…leaked!

Gizmodo landed the biggest gadget scoop ever today, when they suspiciously got hold of an Apple product not due to be launched for months. The phone, said to be ‘found in a bar’ was disguised in a case which made it look like a 3GS. Gizmodo have torn the new device apart in order to confirm with a heavy dose of certainty that this looks like a genuine Cupertino product.

The new iPhone, rumoured to be released this Summer shortly after the 4.0 OS, packs a host of new features to bring it up to speed with the competition. Most notable is the inclusion of a flash for the camera, as well as front facing camera. Given Apple’s history, this is likely to mean that iChat is set to take off in a big way in the mobile world.

The new phone is slightly heavier than the 3GS, largely due to the fact that there is a 16% bigger battery in the housing…which hopefully means better battery life! The unit is pretty similar looking to the old one, bar the fact that the back is now flat, rather than curved. There also appears to be additional mics on the phone, presumable for noise cancellation; the audio quality on the iPhone is an issue which has required addressing for some time.

Whether or not this is a genuine mistaken leak, or a PR stunt by Apple to divert attention from the plethora of quality Android handsets hitting the market is a mystery.

Head to Gizmodo for the full story…

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