The future of touchscreen

The prevalence of touchscreen devices has rocketed in the last few years. With smartphones now allowing us to carry mini-computers in our pockets, whilst also touting HD cameras, GPS applications and the all important telephone function, it’s sometimes difficult to picture how much further manufactures can go.
Cue Swedish design firm, The Astonishing Tribe, who have conjured up this crazy vision of the not-too-distant 2014. Innovations include a fancy version of the iPhone app ‘Bump’ as well as an interactive mirror. However, all this innovation seems a tad intrusive; a view shared by Charlie Brooker. As the video perhaps unintentionally illustrates, we are bombarded with information from the moment we wake up. The disgruntled young woman in the film doesn’t even have time to brush her teeth without being reminded of her event invitations. I mean if you can’t look into the mirror and recreate the astronaut scene from The Truman Show, how else can you have fun?
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