TechCrunch Slams PR Flack

Mig33, ‘the world’s largest mobile-first community’ have just lost one friend, from a chat, that wasn’t particularly fun. TechCrunch revealed this conversation that took place between Timothy Johnson from Mig33 and Leena Rao from Tech Crunch, which went from a routine PR pitch, to a complete disaster.

It ends with TechCrunch quipping:

“You’ve just managed to get the TechCrunch coverage you desired. Well, maybe not the coverage you wanted, but whiners can’t be choosers.”

In a week where it was proclaimed that was the all pervasive eye that would shake up online journalism, and that PRs were running the media, this is an example of where a media outlet exerted it’s power over not only a PR, but ultimately a company’s image. A warning that should be heeded? Certainly.

Via TechCrunch

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