O2 Refresh does the Circus

O2 Refresh

This week I was invited to the launch event for #O2Refresh, an innovative new tariff. The soiree took place at the aptly named ‘Circus’ in Covent Garden, where we were treated to a night of magic. On top of a display from dancers and performers, we also witnessed mind-boggling trickery from ‘Oliver B‘ the magician. 

Despite O2 putting on a great evening which improved my Monday night no-end, it’s worth delving into the detail of their new tariff. They have decided to overhaul the tried and tested contract business model that has long applied to mobile phones by separating the phone and the tariff. This makes eminent sense as 24-month contracts appear to have become the de facto choice for operators, meaning you’re often tied in to using your ageing phone long after it has become dated. You can find the details over on the O2 Refresh website, but it basically means that you’re taking out two contracts. So if you fancy a new phone, you just need to pay off the balance of your phone rather than pay for airtime that you can’t use.

At the end of the night I was given my own #O2Refresh courtesy of Oliver B, which came in the form of an Xperia Z! Review is coming soon, but you can check out the video below.

Many thanks to Hope & Glory for inviting me down to the event.

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