Forget Portal 3 – say hello to ‘forced perspective’

Since its release in 2007, Portal has baffled and intrigued millions. Despite initially being marketed as an add-on to Valve’s The Orange Box, the game went on to sell over 4 million copies and inspired a stand-alone sequel starring Stephen Merchant. For many, the game defined a new video game genre. Players entered a linear world in which they were required to manipulate physics in order to complete short puzzles. Despite being shorter than most, the game and its sequel captured casual gamers and critics alike with its refreshing approach.

It has been over 2 years since the last Portal game, and games of a similar ilk are few and far between. So when a new manipulating matter game looks set to appear, people take notice. A small team of 5 from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh have released a prototype video called Museum of Simulation Technology. The game involves manipulating the size of various objects by repositioning them around your environment. The size of each object depends on the perceptive from which you are viewing it. If you’re already confused, it’s perhaps best to just watch the video above.

Although there aren’t plans for a fully fledged game release just yet, the team at Valve are no doubt watching with interest. Here’s hoping that Pillow Castle Games raise the funding to bring these ideas to the public.

Via Stuff

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