Wear (some of) the solar system on your wrist…

Planet watchIf you’ve ever fancied yourself as a wizard, then you’re going to love this new timepiece by Van Cleef & Arpels. Their latest creation includes no less than five planets, which rotate at precisely the same speed as their rather larger counterparts in the sky. Featuring the sun in the middle of the face, you can also watch Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth and Saturn rotate. You’ll have to be patient though – Saturn takes an astounding 29 years to complete one full rotation. There’s also a small star included which you can set to the ‘lucky’ day of your choice – the Earth will then fall into this star on that specified day. Oh, and it also tells the time.

The watch costs an astonishing $245,000 to buy (which you might want to set aside for a ticket to actually fly to space), but will no doubt sell like hot-cakes to the Hogwarts aficionados of the world. You can check out an intricate video showing more details of the watch after the break.

Via The Verge

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