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British birds made out of Lego

Big fan of these British birds made out of Lego. They’re almost a physical incarnation of the pixelated animals by Laura Bifano. Let’s hope Lego take notice!

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IBM Wall Clock

The distinctive IBM wall clock made famous in schools, hospitals and offices around the world during the 20th century is to be resurrected by the Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.  costing roughly £150. Via Gizmodo

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VANMOOF M2 Collection

Dutch bicycle company VANMOOF are to launch their new M2 collection this April. Although I’ve always admired the aesthetics of these bikes, previous incarnations required you to charge the built-in lighting system with a USB adapter. Not anymore. Following a … Continue reading

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Vintage Social Media Posters

Loving these vintage posters created by ad agency Moma Progpaganda in Brazil. Download HD versions here. 

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Star Wars Boxing

These Star Wars posters are tremendous. Especially the ‘HBO’ style Empire Box Office logo. Hit ‘continue’ to see more.

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Tissue Series by Lisa Nilsson

Artist Lisa Nilsson (presumbly of no relation to folk singer Harry Nilsson), has created this marvellously intricate interpretations of the human anatomy. Using nothing but curled coloured paper.

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cinemetrics from fb on Vimeo. Anything with ‘metric’ at the end is bound to be good and Cinemetrics doesn’t disappoint. The ingenious project is the work of Frederick Brodbeck, a student at the Royal Academy of Arts. Through meticulously analysing … Continue reading

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