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Forget Portal 3 – say hello to ‘forced perspective’

Since its release in 2007, Portal has baffled and intrigued millions. Despite initially being marketed as an add-on to Valve’s The Orange Box, the game went on to sell over 4 million copies and inspired a stand-alone sequel starring Stephen … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto V: Trailer #2

It looks like Rockstar are pulling out all the stops once again for their next installation of the Grand Theft Auto series. Hopping across the States, GTA V is set on the West Coast and looks like it will include … Continue reading

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Wii U unboxed by Nintendo President, Mr. Iwata

The unboxing video. A staple of tech blogs, from the humble bedroom blogger right through to professional outfits such as Engadget. A phenomenon older than YouTube, various brands have leaped on the possibilites this trend presents. Samsung, for example, famously asked some … Continue reading

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Angry Birds takes on Star Wars

In a somewhat predictable move by mobile gaming gurus Rovio, a Star Wars themed Angry Birds game is planned for November this year. In a press statement from Rovio CMO, the new game will combine elements of the original game … Continue reading

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Review: PS Vita

The long awaited successor to the PSP Go was released just a matter of weeks ago after months of anticipation. The PS Vita, Sony’s second handheld console to rely on downloaded software rather than cartridge based games, is undoubtedly a … Continue reading

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Game Deaths

Despite being a huge fan of video games, I’d be the first to admit that I’m not very good at them. I prefer to meander around a game world and complete tasks through trial and error rather than efficiently tear … Continue reading

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Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert

The Hammersmith Apollo has been host to an array of acts over its 79-year life span. Its walls are a myriad of fame with signed pictures from Kylie to Kasabian making up the decor. However this week a very different … Continue reading

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What was great about the 80s

The King of Legoland from dunun on Vimeo. This short video is a great reminder of everything that was great about the 1980s. I must admit that I remember owning most of the toys towards the end of the clip, … Continue reading

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Videogame Controllers Family Tree

Via FastCoDesign

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Galactic Warfare

As this week sees the release of the Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray, I thought it fitting to share another Lucas spin-off. Unfortunately, this iteration of Tatooine is unlikely to see the light of day – commercially anyway. A team … Continue reading

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