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Forget Portal 3 – say hello to ‘forced perspective’

Since its release in 2007, Portal has baffled and intrigued millions. Despite initially being marketed as an add-on to Valve’s The Orange Box, the game went on to sell over 4 million copies and inspired a stand-alone sequel starring Stephen … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto V: Trailer #2

It looks like Rockstar are pulling out all the stops once again for their next installation of the Grand Theft Auto series. Hopping across the States, GTA V is set on the West Coast and looks like it will include … Continue reading

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Rain Room by Random International

Two self-proclaimed artists going under the pseudonym Random International are the latest addition to the Barbican. As journalist Olivier Wainwright demonstrates here, there is some remarkable technology behind the piece. Despite looking like a ill-maintained Kew Garden installation at first … Continue reading

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Time in Words by Qlocktwo

In a similar ilk to the Positive/Negative watch designed by Frank Gehry for Fossil a few years ago, German company Biegart & Funk has released the Qlocktwo. Due to be released for sale in late Autumn, the watch was announced … Continue reading

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British birds made out of Lego

Big fan of these British birds made out of Lego. They’re almost a physical incarnation of the pixelated animals by Laura Bifano.┬áLet’s hope Lego take notice!

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VANMOOF M2 Collection

Dutch bicycle company VANMOOF are to launch their new M2 collection this April. Although I’ve always admired the aesthetics of these bikes, previous incarnations required you to charge the built-in lighting system with a USB adapter. Not anymore. Following a … Continue reading

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Pingu and The Thing

Bit old now, but loving how one of my favourite films and one of my favourite childhood TV programmes have been meshed together in this short film.

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Zapata Flyboard Jetpack = Human Dolphin

This picture shows what happens when a man wants to become a dolphin for the day…and has enough money to make it happen. Click continue to see him in action to the sounds of The Tempah Trap.

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The Beauty of Mud at 4,000 FPS

The Beauty of Mud (4000 fps) from David HJ. Lindberg on Vimeo. After watching penguins frolicking in slow motion during Frozen Planet this year, you’re often left wondering how such stunning images are captured. It doesn’t take the most cynical … Continue reading

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Little Printer

Having a full scale printer on your desk is pretty cumbersome. It’s often not necessary anymore as our phones have got more powerful and tablets more prolific. However, it’s sometimes nice to have a small print out – a few … Continue reading

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