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O2 Refresh does the Circus

This week I was invited to the launch event for #O2Refresh, an innovative new tariff. The soiree took place at the aptly named ‘Circus’ in Covent Garden, where we were treated to a night of magic. On top of a … Continue reading

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Google sells out of Nexus 4 in 30 minutes

As with the Nexus 7 tablet, Google shocked the UK tech world when it announced the pricing structure of it’s new flagship handset. Departing from Samsung for the latest iteration of the Nexus, Google and LG has priced their new … Continue reading

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Review: Nokia Lumia 800

Being a staunch iPhone fan for a number of years, it was with caution that I approached Nokias new handset, the Lumia 800. This phone is perhaps the most important device the Swedish giant has ever released. The company have … Continue reading

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Global Android Activations: October 2008 to January 2011

This video from Android Developer channel on YouTube¬†shows the astonishing extent to which Android has permeated the mobile market. The fact that Google’s open source OS can be installed on an assortment of handsets means people are sometimes inclinded to … Continue reading

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Choose Your Own Adventure books make a comeback

The Choose Your Own Adventure book series has been resurrected and re-released in app form. The interactive element has been seized on by developers as being ripe for converting to app format, although you’ll no longer be able to cheat … Continue reading

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How is augmented reality useful?

Augmented reality has been talked about in the tech world for some time now, but applications such as Google Goggles, are failing to capture the imagination of the nation. However technically impressive it is to see where your nearest Starbucks … Continue reading

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What’s the point of Twitter?

I read an interesting article on Crave today about the huge variety of ways people use Twitter. Many people who are sceptic of the one of the biggest social media phenomena are probably not approaching it with an open mind. … Continue reading

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Entelligence by Michael Gartenberg

I recently came across this new column on one of my favourite tech sites, Engadget. I thought I’d post this recent article about Google and their ‘Don’t Be Evil’ philosophy. I think such a simplistic mantra is now looking tired. … Continue reading

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