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Chino Otsuka travels back in time

Ingenious photographer Chino Otsuka has found a novel use for her old childhood snaps. Using image manipulation techniques far beyond my means, she has spliced pictures of her current self into the shots.  What’s fascinating about this series photographs is … Continue reading

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I’m a big fan of this Tumblr by Christopher Moloney called FILMography. He appears to have painstakingly picked out locations in New York which appear in his favourite movies. He then returns with a camera and a photograph of a shot … Continue reading

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All About Bond at Proud Galleries

With this week marking the 50th anniversary of the worlds favourite secret agent, it seems fitting to post about the fantastic exhibition currently at Proud Galleries. Featuring the work of photographer Terry O’Neil, the pictures will be displayed up until the 4th … Continue reading

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Stanley Kubrick’s New York

This series of photographs from seminal director Stanley Kubrick provide a window into his intriguing mind and the films he would later make. Before directing such classics as Clockwork Orange and The Shining, Kubrick worked as a freelance photographer for … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Mud at 4,000 FPS

The Beauty of Mud (4000 fps) from David HJ. Lindberg on Vimeo. After watching penguins frolicking in slow motion during Frozen Planet this year, you’re often left wondering how such stunning images are captured. It doesn’t take the most cynical … Continue reading

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Burning Man 2011

Don’t get me wrong, I loved going to Bestival this year. However, these pictures from Burning Man, the annual shindig based in the Nevada desert are awesome. Taken by Scott London, who has been capturing the best of festival for … Continue reading

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Sohei Nishino puts Google Maps to shame

Tokyo based artist, Sohei Nishino has created a mind-boggling black and white collage made up of around 4,000 pictures. Nishino captured every angle of the capital on foot over the period of a month, before retiring to his own dark … Continue reading

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Cameras Redux by Daniel Ray Cole

Being a bit of a geek, I really like the detail that has gone into these illustrations by Daniel Ray Cole. Described on his site as Camera Redux, they were created as a personal project for a wedding photography company … Continue reading

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Things Organized Neatly

Before you think “Oh look, he’s spelt organized as if he’s American”, this is the name of a blog I found today which appeals to my OCD side. Check it out to see more things organised neatly. I particularly like the curved … Continue reading

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Persistent Pyramids by Anatoly Zenkov

These photos prove that 3 really is the magic number. Via BOOOOOOOM!

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