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IBM Wall Clock

The distinctive IBM wall clock made famous in schools, hospitals and offices around the world during the 20th century is to be resurrected by the Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.  costing roughly £150. Via Gizmodo

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Review: PS Vita

The long awaited successor to the PSP Go was released just a matter of weeks ago after months of anticipation. The PS Vita, Sony’s second handheld console to rely on downloaded software rather than cartridge based games, is undoubtedly a … Continue reading

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Awareness is an excellent iOS only app which allows you to monitor ambient noise levels.  Although cycling whilst listening to music is never a good idea, this app will definitely help out those who do. Using the microphone, the app … Continue reading

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VANMOOF M2 Collection

Dutch bicycle company VANMOOF are to launch their new M2 collection this April. Although I’ve always admired the aesthetics of these bikes, previous incarnations required you to charge the built-in lighting system with a USB adapter. Not anymore. Following a … Continue reading

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Google Earth on 48 Screens

Visiting museums as a child, I’d always be fascinated by the small-scale towns made of cardboard and matchsticks or the miniature villages complete with working railway systems. However, this new installation by JCDecaux and Google for the Paris Centre for Architecture and … Continue reading

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Extreme Pogo Sticks

This spell-binding video of people doings things they shouldn’t with pogo sticks is clearly a great way to promote the Go Pro HD camera. Since Tony Hawk has taken a turn for the worse in the video games industry, perhaps … Continue reading

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Zapata Flyboard Jetpack = Human Dolphin

This picture shows what happens when a man wants to become a dolphin for the day…and has enough money to make it happen. Click continue to see him in action to the sounds of The Tempah Trap.

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Review: Nokia Lumia 800

Being a staunch iPhone fan for a number of years, it was with caution that I approached Nokias new handset, the Lumia 800. This phone is perhaps the most important device the Swedish giant has ever released. The company have … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Mud at 4,000 FPS

The Beauty of Mud (4000 fps) from David HJ. Lindberg on Vimeo. After watching penguins frolicking in slow motion during Frozen Planet this year, you’re often left wondering how such stunning images are captured. It doesn’t take the most cynical … Continue reading

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What was great about the 80s

The King of Legoland from dunun on Vimeo. This short video is a great reminder of everything that was great about the 1980s. I must admit that I remember owning most of the toys towards the end of the clip, … Continue reading

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